About Us

UniPro Tools

A Brief History:

For over 25 years UniPro Tools has been the market leader in Paint Stands solutions. Our 1Touch Paint Stands have revolutionized the whole painting process and saved our customers thousands of dollars in both man hours and materials. Our space saving quick fold-able paint stands fits in any size Body Shop and can easily hang on the wall for storage.

We’re proud of the fact that we are the only major stand manufacturer that have all of our products 100% MADE IN THE USA. The stands are manufactured in Utah, Zinc plated in Los Angeles California and the wheels are manufactured in North Carolina. No cheap Chinese imports here, unlike all of our competitors. We are also the only stand manufacturer who gives an unprecedented industry’s best 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all of our products.

From Maine to Miami on the east coast and Seattle to San Diego on the west coast and anywhere in between, throughout all of the USA we have literally tens of thousands of satisfied customers who swear by our products, not just the functionality and ease of use, but also the quality and durability. We have many, if not most, of our customers who still have and use the original stands they bought 20+ years ago.